Grafton Lodge: Meals and Catering

A typical home cooked meal
A typical home made meal of tasty roast pork and stuffing with fresh vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.

Meal times are an important part of the day for our residents, not just for the enjoyment of eating our home cooked meals, but also as social occasions. It's an opportunity for a convivial chat with friends in pleasant and relaxed surroundings.

That's why we make such a big effort to please all our residents, and take into consideration their individual likes and dislikes.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in our attractive, spacious dining room on the ground floor. Residents can also take meals in their rooms, if they prefer.

Freshly cooked meals with quality ingredients

The dishes our professional cook prepares are always of the highest quality. They are freshly cooked and made from only the best ingredients.

Meat, vegetables, fruit and other ingredients are bought from quality suppliers, including high street supermarkets and Bookers.

Residents who require special diets, whether for health, medical or religious reasons, will find us happy to oblige.

Flexible menus

Our menu plan usually rotates every four weeks, but in practice we are quite flexible about what dishes we can provide. If a resident has a particular request that is not on the menu we are usually very happy to fulfil it.

We want our residents to enjoy their stay with us, and by providing a noticeably superior catering service we think we're on the right track to succeed!

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