Keep in contact with our residents. Skype or send emails!

A Skype video-calling session at Grafton Lodge
A Skype video-calling session at Grafton Lodge.

In these hectic times it's not always easy for relatives and friends to visit as often as they might like.

But that's no reason not to stay in touch on a regular basis! Just Email your relative or friend at Grafton Lodge and we will print out your message and make sure they get it. For those residents with poor eyesight, one of our friendly carers will read out the message.

Alternatively, we can organise a Skype video-calling session with friends or family, allowing two-way video communication, which can be a very rewarding way to stay in touch.

Computer and Wireless Broadband facilities

Grafton Lodge is equipped with a sophisticated wireless internet system (WiFi), with several linked devices providing 24 hour wireless internet coverage throughout the building.

We have invested in a large screen laptop and a separate extra-large keyboard with easy-to-read keys, which makes it much easier to type. This means that any of our residents can now use the internet comfortably and conveniently, either with or without the help of a staff or family member.

Our residents are now playing games, sending emails, browsing the web and Skyping family and friends in the UK and overseas.

Residents can use the laptop in the comfort of their chair in the Lounge, the Quiet Room, or in the privacy of their bedrooms.

Ideal for grandchildren and great-grandchildren to stay in touch

People are often reluctant to put pen to paper and write a proper letter nowadays, but an email is the perfect 21st century replacement.

Encourage grandchildren and great-grandchildren to send regular, chatty emails. Our residents love to hear what's going on in their lives.

And, of course, Skype video-calling adds a whole new dimension.

How to email our residents

Just send an email using your usual email program to:

Make sure you include their name in the Subject, eg: 'Mrs Smith - Message from Alfie'

You should be aware that the contents of your email will not be private, and will be read by our staff in order to determine who it is for, and sometimes to read it out loud for those with poor eyesight. Think of it as a 'postcard', rather than a private 'letter in an envelope'.

Don't forget to say who it's from, either!

Not all our residents may wish to respond by email, but of course they can reply by letter or phone if they wish to.

How to Skype our residents

Please call our Managers on 01634 722 621 to make arrangements for a Skype video-calling session. It does require some setting up and staff scheduling, of course, so please give us as much notice as possible. However, if the laptop is available we can usually set up a Skype session with about 15 minutes notice.

Please add us to your Skype Contacts.

Our Skype ID is: grafton.lodge

Questions about our Skype and Email Message service

If you have any questions about our Skype and Email Message service, please call our Managers on 01634 722 621.

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